Whether it’s a few days at home or a fancy foreign vacation, after the last couple of years we could all do with a break. We asked our members for top tips and favourite pics from their experiences of travelling with PH…

“Book everything in advance, so you can ask if there are flights of stairs etc. This photo was in Dawlish, Devon in 2017. There were several nice restaurants in the area without steps”

  • Carol Peters

“Take your time and listen to your body, but also if you feel like you can do it, don’t be scared! The photo is with my youngest son on holiday in Norfolk.”

  • Lisa Marsh

“I have flown to New Zealand with oxygen and provided you plan early, nothing is impossible. The photo is of Hobbiton there and it was taken just before lockdown”

  • Kathy Davis

“Plan well in advance if possible but be prepared for change at short notice. The photo is of Broadstairs in Kent – I needed an electric wheelchair and although it got me down the steep hill to those beaches it was a slow trek back up!”

  • Phill Richards

“My top tip for a nice holiday is not to tick boxes. It doesn’t matter if you only visit one place in a day, as long as you take your time and enjoy yourself. If you get too tired, stop and take a rest. This photo is my husband and myself in Dublin in 2016.”

  • Linda Donn

“Be organised with medication and try to go somewhere that is flat for walking. We love our holidays abroad and we have a favourite place in Corfu. The photo is from Sidari in Corfu in 2019.”

  • Lou Chadburn

“Always try to look for locations that you like but also pick places that have plenty of benches so you can sit down and rest while enjoying your holiday. The photo is from April 2022 in Trieste (Italy). In April you can’t go into the water because there are too many jellyfish…but they are fun to watch.”

  • Sarah Sebti (10)

“Invest in a fold-up backpack. They are lightweight and great for day trips, short breaks, shopping, sandwiches, water bottles, glasses, macs and all that stuff that won’t fit in your pockets. The photo is from The Algarve June 2015 : I was diagnosed with PH the week before we left on a six-week in our van with our little dog Roxy and we had the time of our lives.”

  • Janice Lyons