We asked our social media community for their top tips for making meals with PH…

“Buy ‘cheat’ versions of garlic and ginger that’s already chopped. Also, spread the cooking out over the day – get the ingredients out, prepare a few hours later, and cook a few hours after that.”

“I always make a batch when I cook, then freeze in individual portions. Then on a bad day, I can just get one out and microwave it.”

“The slow cooker is my best friend! Especially on days when I have plans through the day and know that I will probably be tired later on.”

Cook is chopping bell pepper, closeup shoot, isolated over white

“I swear by my slow cooker. It’s great, especially in the colder months.”

“I get all food, utensils and pans, etc within arms length and then I sit on a bar stool whilst preparing the meals.”

“I plan my week so I don’t have to cook every day. On weekends or a day with less activity I will make enough food to last for a few days. Otherwise I would live on cereal!”

“I prepare vegetables at the living room table, with the TV on and my oxygen next to me.”

“When cooking with a wok, avoid getting the steam in your face. Allow yourself to step back instead of being up against it.”

“I use a crockpot and air fryer to make easy meal and get my ‘things’ together near my space. I love to cook, it makes me happy ?”

“When peeling veg, I open a drawer and place a tray on it to catch the peelings, which is the right height for me.”

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