After more months of COVID-19 turmoil, a new year represents a fresh start for us all. We asked our PH community on Facebook what they are looking forward to and hoping for most in 2022…

Melanie Hatton We are hoping to be able to go on lots of family trips together and make many precious memories! We’d love to take Daisy (our PHighter) to Peppa Pig World on a proper family holiday 😊

Fiona Ballantyne Hopefully 2022 will bring me a lung transplant

Gail Lanigan We hope to have our kitchen extension done next year….and what we so look forward to is spending more quality time with our loved ones, even if it is outside.

Gaynor Oates I’m looking forward to getting married! We had to postpone last year due to restrictions and shielding my 6-year-old PHighter…. so hopefully she will get chance next year to be a bridesmaid! 💕

Steph Dodge I’d like to have my belated 50th birthday holiday in Florida, and finally get to see the Killers and Sam Fender in London.

Sybille Wood I’m looking forward to seeing all my family in Germany again after two years. It will be the first time since my diagnosis.

Mark Kingston I am 60 next year so I’m hoping it will be possible to have a great family party to celebrate 🎉

Joanna Young Next year my son is getting married so I can’t wait for October

Kevin McAllister I hope to get insured to fly abroad

Here at the PHA UK, we’re looking forward to next year too…

“I’m excited about the birth of my second child in May. It will be a busy year as a dad-of-two!”
Shaun Clayton, Director of Membership Support

“I’m planning to get a dog, start doing more exercise, and spend more time with my children.”
John Smith, Associate Designer

“I’m looking forward to spending time with my new puppy Benji and creating more downtime to read and enjoy walks.”
Paul Sephton, Research Support and Development Coordinator

“I can’t wait for the better weather of spring and summer to enjoy my horse. I’d also really love to get abroad in 2022.”
Mary Ferguson, Associate Communications Manager