PHA UK member Dave Risley had a good experience when ordering oxygen for his holiday in Mallorca. In this blog, he shares how he went about obtaining it.

**Please note this blog was published in September 2019. If you are reading after this date, please check the current guidance**

I wanted to share my comments about oxygen in Europe under the European Health Insurance Card  (EHIC) arrangement. Holidays are very important to PH patients and some they feel that they are stuck and unable to go abroad – but this is not true.

Last year I arranged an oxygen concentrator to be delivered to the hotel I was staying at in Mallorca and could not have had a better level of service. The concentrator and ancillary equipment was at the hotel waiting for me and there was no charge. I appreciate that things may change if we leave the EU but let’s see what happens. Ordering the oxygen was fairly straightforward and was all done by a few emails.

Here is how to do it:

1. Visit the healthcare in Spain website at

2. Click on ‘visiting Spain’

3. Scroll down until you find ‘oxygen’

4. You will find some green writing and instructions on what to do and what information you will need to supply.

5. You will also see the wording ‘Spanish authorities’ – click on this and you will need to find where you are going to, and it will provide an email address for you to send your details. I would suggest waiting for a couple of weeks, and if no reply, email again. When you have confirmation,  it is your responsibility to chase the oxygen provider which is also provided.

I hope this helps.

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