“My wife’s PH has affected our physical relationship quite drastically. It makes us scared to do anything. Yvonne had a Hickman line fitted two years ago and it makes us worry in case anything happens with it.

I wouldn’t say it’s off-putting, it’s frightening more than anything. I’m worried about catching the line and things. It’s not made us distant or put any barriers up, but it just feels different.

The worries and concerns are as bad now as they were two years ago. It’s not something we’ve discussed, we just put it to the back of our minds.

I think having PH has affected how Yvonne feels about her body. We go to a nudist beach and since she’s had the line, she hasn’t wanted to get fully naked.

She has told me she doesn’t feel attractive with the line in, and I know it gets her down. The illness is causing real arguments between us and none of it feels fair.”

Names have been changed to protect anonymity