Ten years after Adam Gould’s mother passed away, he’s urging others to make memories with those they love.

As a child I knew my mum was ill. We’d see her taking medication, explaining to us that she needs stuff to help her heart.

Understanding as a child is hard but as far as we knew, mum wasn’t well and needed her boys to help out and be good for her. We watched her trying her best day in, day out. Trying to be a mum when she couldn’t.

It hurts me now, thinking about it. Now that I understand her illness. I’ll never know what she went through physically and mentally, but I get that it must have been difficult.

Imagine having a mum who wants to be a mum but can even walk up the stairs without running out of breath. Being pushed in a wheelchair when she wants to walk her children to school. Watching us play from a distance when she’d rather join in….

I treasure memories of my mum. I live every day missing her. Pulmonary hypertension took her life and this illness was so unknown to us until my mum suffered with it.

Now, me and my brothers openly talk about it and explain what it’s like and how it affects you. My little brother fundraises for it and I aim to do so as well.

My mum was a beautiful woman inside and out and she deserved to be the mother she wanted to be. But saying that, I’m proud of my mum for how she pushed to be a mum, knowing that it would end soon yet staying strong for her boys. It fills me with pride.

Louise Gould. A brave, strong, well-loved and caring mum. To all those in similar situations – take each day like it’s your last day with your loved one suffering. Make them happy. Make everyone happy. You treasure those memories.

Adam’s brother Tyler is taking part in a white collar boxing match on 6th April to raise money for the PHA UK. You can find out more and support him by clicking here