Plan for the future, so you can live for the now. What matters to you?

As we go through life, we make lots of choices about what matters most to us as individuals. In collaboration with the Scottish Pulmonary Vascular Unit, we have produced a booklet designed to help you take control and think about what YOU want from life.

Thinking now about your future choices and care will enable you to enjoy making the most of the present.

Planning in this way can also give peace of mind to family and friends, who may be unsure about your preferences.

To request a free copy of our Anticipatory Care Plan booklet, please email You can also find it tucked into the the back of ‘Palliative Care & PH’, which can be ordered online here.

This tool is aimed primarily at people with a type of PH called Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, but it can be used by people with all types of PH.