Daniel Redmond is 31 and was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension in 2013. He has written this blog to share how getting active has helped him to live better with the condition.

**Please ensure you speak to your specialist PH team before embarking on a new exercise routine**

I started to get out of breath and had dizzy spells and blackouts, which is what led to my doagnosis. It was horrible to be told I had PH.

I gradually got worse over time, so I had a pump and Hickman line fitted and the meds are working wonders for me now.

Pulmonary hypertension is still very restricting but I’m learning new ways of coping. For example, I go cycling and walking and I built up my distance over time.  I now try to walk for two miles a day, with my mum and our dogs, and I cycle by myself three days a week.

It’s harder to exercise in winter months so I have an indoor bike. My walk test is back up to 600 metres and my record cycle distance is around six miles. I started off only being able to cycle 0.7 miles.

My medical team are very supportive of my exercise and I got advice from my brother around how to build time and distances up. He’s an anaesthetist and he helps me out a lot.

I have set up an Instagram account to try to raise awareness of PH, you can follow me on my journey @boonietheking1990. I will also be interviewing other sufferers and telling their stories on my page so get in touch if you are interested.

I’m keen to raise awareness because friends or family, or members of the public, might just think we are faking the tiredness etc. I want to show people how hard we have to fight to stay alive.