Billy McFarlane was diagnosed with PH in December 2016 and had to leave his job as an HGV driver.

“I drove every kind of wagon you could get; four wheels, six wheels with trailers on the back… all over Europe. I was a camper driver, which meant I slept in the cab and was often away for days at a time. I enjoyed it.

When I got my PH diagnosis I asked my consultant if he could sign my medical form to allow me to drive buses and lorries but he wasn’t able to. So that was that.

I resigned, as medical retirement wasn’t an option.  I was 53 years old. I can still drive my car, but I can’t get a license for HGVs because of my condition.

When I realised I couldn’t continue, I had help from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and my sister around benefits. Four years ago, my partner decided to give up work and look after me, so we are both now on benefits.

We get by. But my job was a big part of my life and I miss talking to the other drivers.”