Reviewed by Deb Wain

How often do we hear that there’s an app for that? When it comes to health and fitness there are lots of apps on the market and yoga has a few.

Yoga Studio is one of the most popular ones, available by subscription (£2.79 per week) on both Apple and android devices. The benefits of yoga, such as reducing stress, are discussed in this issue of Emphasis and you might be prompted to tryout a local class.

Beginners are advised to learn techniques correctly from a qualified teacher, but Yoga Studio would be helpful for practice as you progress. It caters well for newbies, showing clear photographs of poses (you might have heard of ‘Downward Dog’, but ‘One Legged King Pigeon’?!) along with detailed information. You can familiarise yourself with them and try them out in your own time; of course, taking great care. You can then download ‘class’ videos with relaxed teacher commentary or create your own.

You have lots of freedom to choose the focus, duration and ability required as you improve, with new material being added all the time. I tried a couple of the meditation videos too which proved useful in the run-up to moving house! Yoga Studio is as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Even better, you can try it for free.

Rating: 4/5