“I was single when I was diagnosed with PH three years ago and at first, it didn’t affect my body image. Since starting intravenous therapy though I’d say I do feel much less confident in my body image.

To be quite honest the pump and line do get in the way when it comes to ‘getting intimate’. I do also sometimes get rather breathless! 

When this happens I just have to stop and take a break. Also, I just have to be very aware that my line isn’t getting in the way and at risk of being pulled.

Luckily, since 2017 I’ve been in a relationship with a very understand and accepting partner, so PH hasn’t really changed anything or put too much of a strain on our relationship. However, if I were still single, I believe my confidence would be significantly knocked in terms of getting out there and dating.

I think it’s best to get your partner as involved in your treatment as much as they can, so they understand what you’re going through. My partner comes along to key appointments and he even helps me make my cassettes (for my pump) at the beginning of the week.”

Adam’s name has been changed to protect anonymity