Laura Beddow has penned this poem for her mother Julie Beddow, who has PH, to express her admiration of her strength.

“PHIGHTER” by Laura Beddow

My mum’s a phighter she loves
extra hard
That’s why her heart is extra

There’s many obstacles she
faces, it seems with ease.

But those who love her most are
the ones who see.
Pushing herself, breaking those

A proud woman, for such a small
lady she stands so tall.

She carries us all… Taking
shallow beaths, breathing,

Her support and love is
invaluable and guiding…

So many are ignorant, through no
fault of their own
It’s a rare condition, so little is

Until it touches you. Or someone
you love and adore.

You see a phight you’ve never
seen before.

Only my phighter was already a
rarity, a precious jewel

You’re everything to me mum, my
Phighter. Lots of love, your girl xx